Quelques jours à Paris

This time last year, I spent a few days in Paris, my first visit to the beautiful city. I'd previously had marginal desire to visit the City of Lights, but upon entering the city I found myself quickly falling in love with its winding streets and romantic architecture. Wandering Paris, one is struck by the relative "newness" of so much of the architecture, since the medieval city was largely demolished under Emperor Napoleon III to make way for the more modern city plan of Georges-Eugène Haussmann. You can read more about Haussmann's Paris at the Art History Archive. Below are some photographs I took on my iPhone 5 while exploring Paris in January 2014.

Snowy day, dream away

Sometimes you need a snow day to remember what quiet and calm sound like. All photos taken on my iPhone 5 using ProCamera and edited with Snapseed and VSCOcam. For more mobile photography, check out my Tumblr blog.